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Sasol Guerbet Alcohols

One of the most diversified technology and raw material position in the industry allows Sasol to offer one of the broadest alcohol portfolios.

One group of Sasol’s specialty branched alcohol groups are the Guerbet alcohols that can be produced from both Oleo and Ziegler raw materials. Sasol’s Guerbet alcohols are high purity, 100% β-branched primary alcohols from the Aldol Condensation of linear alcohols. Sasol manufactures C12, C16, C18, C20, C24, C2426, C28 and C32 Guerbet alcohols in a semi-continuous process at its plant in Brunsbüttel, Germany. In addition, Sasol recently expanded its Guerbet alcohols production capacity by investing in a new Guerbet production facility at its world-scale petrochemical complex in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

ISOFOL alcohols have a pour point that is half that of an equivalent molecular weight linear alcohol. Thus, C12 to C24 Guerbet alcohols are liquid at room temperature where C12+ linear alcohols are solid. This makes Guerbet alcohols easier to handle, and less expensive to process. Derivatives of Guerbet alcohols are also liquid at lower temperatures, maintain better color, and are easier and less expensive to handle and transport compared to their linear counterparts. Due to their unique characteristics, Guerbet alcohols are ingredients for personal care, inks, paints, coatings, agricultural products, enhanced oil recovery and metal working lubricants.

Sasol has been continuously investing in top line research facilities strategically located across the globe. Its chemists and researchers from Germany (Brunsbüttel, Marl), Terranova in Italy, Nanjing in China and Lake Charles in the USA hold an extended wealth of Guerbet alcohols and Guerbet alcohol derivatives performance and applications knowledge.




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